CUSTOMIZER: Form to configure your custom fan with sections to configure the impeller, the engine and the type of assembly.

Multi-Wing OPTIMISER: Impeller selection program that allows you to obtain the most optimal impeller for your work point with your specific application needs.

Multi-Wing DESIGNER: Software that provides a fast and simple technical drawing service in 2D and 3D of the selected propeller.



Application report 





Presentation of solutions

Process of designing a complete fan

Possible mounting configurations

Focusing on the impeller

Standard products:

Fans for livestock ventilation

Cool-Cow even more optimized

Circulator-I, a large diameter and mobile fan

Ventiladores móviles de gran alcance (in spanish)


New enclosures designed to increase the efficiency of your application

Optimized enclosures

Tailor-made guards for your project

Customized solutions:

Custom made solutions with integrated motor support and protection grids

New fans to apply for industrial refrigeration

Fans for radiator applications


3D blueprints (Soon)