1. process


The first step in the process of designing your custom fan is to select the best impeller for your use.

  • With Multi-Wing impellers, probably the world’s widest range of impellers, you are ensured the best possible solution for your equipment.
  • In the selection process we use OPTIMISER, the Multi-Wing software program. With this program we can create over 200.000 configurations of axial fans that range from 200 mm to 2750 mm in diameter. We obtain a 3D blueprint of the selected impeller with another Multi-Wing program DESIGNER.

Multi-Wing Optimiser curve    Z9L

For each project we select several impeller alternatives to test later and thus ensure the best final solution.

With a customized selection for each project we achieve a better and differentiated solution compared to the catalog fans available on the market. In other words, we select an impeller according to performance needs, and other design criteria such as temperature, noise, etc.