Standard series

Beside producing customized fans, we also develop standard fans for several applications.


The Cool-Cow CUSTOMFAN  is a specially designed fan with Multi-Wing impellers, that increase the productivity and comfort in Cattle farms with minimum power consumption. We offer a wide range of blade configurations, maintenance-free gearboxes and three types of motors with different power levels. Download brochure here.

COOL-COW fan with 4 blades - FrontCOOL-COW fan with 4 blades - RearCOOL-COW fan with protection grid

Watch our COOL-COW video below:


CIRCULATOR-I is a large diameter mobile fan that can be applied both indoor and outdoor. It is composed of large Multi-Wing impellers with different possible blade configurations, depending on the desired flow and power. Furthermore, a frequency inverter is used to regulate the rotation speed of the fan. Download brochure here.

Circulator-I fan - RearCirculator-I fan - Front



To optimize your application, we offer enclosures with a Bellmouth-type entry and a small diffuser at the air outlet. With our enclosures, you will improve the efficiency of your equipment while also reducing noise. Download brochure.
Enclosures with Bellmouth type entry


We design and manufacture custom grids for your application. We use two main types of grids – one for protecting the equipment and one as a structure to hold the motor. Download brochure


We offer IE3 premium efficiency motors tested in conjunction with Multi-Wing impellers.